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26 12, 2017

What to Expect With a Hair Transplant in New York

Dr. Kevin Ende has helped numerous patients receive a hair transplant in New York. A hair transplant involves removing hair follicles from one part of the patient’s body, referred to as the donor site, to the balding area of the scalp. Over time, the goal is to encourage hair growth in the desired area and [...]

19 12, 2017

Using FUE as Your Hair Restoration Method

There are numerous New York hair restoration methods, and patients can choose whichever one they believe will help them the most. One option is follicular unit extraction, or FUE. FUE is a hair transplant process where a doctor harvests individual follicle units directly from the donor area on the patient’s body. Each follicle unit is [...]

12 12, 2017

How is Platelet Rich Plasma in New York Used With Hair Restoration Techniques?

All blood contains plasma, but it also contains tiny components known as platelets. These platelets are essential in facilitating the healing process when a person gets a cut, wound or other more serious injuries. Platelet rich plasma in New York has also started being used in various hair restoration processes. For blood to qualify as [...]

5 12, 2017

Common Types of New York Hair Transplant Treatments

If you have made the decision to seek a permanent solution to baldness, a hair transplant could be right for you. When seeking a New York hair transplant, you will first need to schedule a consultation with a doctor. During this meeting, the doctor will go over the various types of hair transplants with you [...]

24 11, 2017

New York Facial Hair Transplant

A facial hair transplant in New York is a procedure you might consider to restore hair to your mustache, sideburns, goatee or beard. This may help to essentially replace hair in the area that is missing or make thinning hair fuller and thicker. In some cases, this might be considered to cover scars. Goals for [...]

17 11, 2017

Types of Hair Restoration in New York

Hair loss is not an uncommon issue that people face. In fact, by the time a man in New York turns 60, there is a 65 percent chance that he will have noticeable hair loss. Up to 40 percent of men will have hair loss that is noticeable by age 35. Those wanting to restore [...]

10 11, 2017

Beard Transplant in New York

A beard transplant in New York might refer to two different types of hair restoration. One involves using beard hair to restore scalp hair and the other involves enhancing your actual beard. Why Use Beard Hair for the Scalp In many cases, when you are undergoing scalp hair restoration, the harvested hair comes from another [...]

3 11, 2017

New York Hairline Lowering

Hairline lowering in New York is a surgical procedure that works to reduce the overall size of the forehead by bringing the natural hairline down lower toward the eyes. This is a procedure that is mostly performed on women, but men might consider it too. Why Someone Might Consider This Procedure On average, the hairline [...]

31 10, 2017

Hair Transplant in New York

If you’ve experienced baldness, you know what a disheartening and embarrassing situation this can be. Baldness can affect self-image and self-esteem; however, it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a proven, effective solution, and we offer it here at Hair Restoration of New York. Thanks to continued improvements in medical technology, hair transplants [...]

24 10, 2017

Thicker, Healthier Hair Can be Yours: New York Edges Hair Transplant

Gorgeous, manicured locks with a healthy shine can be a woman’s crowning glory. African American women often use aggressive styling techniques to achieve a polished look, such as cornrows and retwisting. Treating hair in this manner can result in the gradual thinning or loss of hair, especially at the edges. This can affect the way [...]