Hairline Lowering with Scalp Expansion

The 1 hour version of the hairline lowering procedure can usually advance the hairline 2-3 centimeters.  If more of a hairline lowering is desired, a scalp expansion can be performed a few weeks before the surgery.  I have used this technique to perform hairline advancements of up to 10 centimeters.  A scalp expander is a small balloon that is placed under the scalp and inflated slowly over a period of weeks before the hairline lowering surgery.  The scalp expander is removed on the day of the hairline lowering.  Most patients seeking this procedure are extremely satisfied with a standard hairline lowering, but scalp expansion is available to those who require more hairline advancement.  Dr. Ende has before and after pictures of the hairline lowering with scalp advancement available for viewing in his office.

Hairline Lowering with Brow Lift

A brow lift can easily be performed at the same time as a hairline lowering procedure.  Not only does it not add much to the healing time or postoperative swelling, it only adds about 30 minutes to the procedure.   Patients also benefit from combination pricing by combining a brow lift with a hairline lowering.

Hairline Lowering with Hair Transplant

You might wonder why someone would want to combine a hairline lowering with a hair transplant procedure.  Many patients have thinning of their hair on the sides of the head, which is an area that is not improved with a hairline lowering procedure.  The hairline lowering procedure is ideal for lowering the hairline, but it does not move the hair on the sides and above the ear.  The hairline lowering procedure also does not affect the density of hair on the sides.  Dr. Ende is one of very few surgeons with the skill, staff, and facility with the ability to perform the hairline lowering and hair transplantation in the same sitting.

Hairline transplant after hairline lowering

Many patients desire some additional hair transplants to the corners after hairline lowering surgery.  Although this is often not necessary due to the amazing results from just one procedure, adding hair transplants to the corners 3 months after the hairline lowering can increase a patients hairstyling options.  Dr. Ende usually recommends that patients undergo the hairline lowering first and then decide afterwards if they still wish to undergo a hair transplant or forego it and enjoy their new look.  In the rare circumstance that part of the scar is visible after a hairline lowering, hair transplants can be placed into that portion of the scar to disguise it.

Hairline lowering vs. Hair Transplant

Both a hairline lowering procedure and hair transplant can lower a hairline.  There are many advantages to the hairline lowering procedure.  Most patients would require 3000 hair grafts or 7000 hairs spread over 2 sessions 1 year apart to achieve the same results as one hairline lowering procedure.  Price is certainly a factor with many patients, and one hairline lowering surgery is always less than 2 hair transplant sessions.  The results with a hairline lowering are immediate, whereas hair transplants grow in over a one year period before seeing the amazing final result.

What patient’s say to Dr. Ende when deciding to have a hairline lowering

Most people who undergo this procedure, found out about it by researching it on the web.  Most never knew that it existed prior to this web search.  Dr. Ende has heard many many times that patients would have had a hairline lowering years ago if they had known about it.  Most patients who read about this procedure and speak to Dr. Ende about it, end up undergoing the procedure.  Patients presenting to Dr. Ende quickly learn about his excitement and passion for this procedure.  Dr. Ende has an extensive history of experience with this procedure, well beyond most other physicians in the world, and certainly well beyond any surgeon on the East Coast.  We provide a great experience for our hairline lowering patients from the initial consultation to the amazing postoperative new hairline photos.
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