When considering hairline lowering surgery, the patient must consider ideal facial thirds. The distance from the hairline to the mid brow, is ideally the same as the distance from the nose to the brow and the nose to the chin. In the average patient, the hairline is lowered to about 6- 6.5cm from the brows. This point in the new hairline should be just behind a point where the scalp starts to slope more horizontally. A hairline lowering procedure can help a patient achieve facial harmony.

Most women considering a hairline lowering surgery have had a stable hairline position for many years, possibly their entire life. A high hairline can add undesirable masculinity and cause a woman to look older. Many women presenting to Dr. Ende for a hairline lowering procedure have hidden their high forehead with hair styling options such as bangs.

Although a hair transplant can lower the hairline, the hairline lowering procedure provides immediate results. The density of a hairline lowering procedure can only be matched with more than one hair transplant session, which is generally spaced 1 year apart.

When deciding to make an appointment with Dr. Ende for a hairline lowering procedure, the patient should start by checking their scalp flexibility. The patient can pull on the scalp near the hairline to see if it moves forward and is not stuck in place. The patient can take facial thirds measurements to check for the ideal hairline placement. Some patients choose to take a makeup pencil and draw in their ideal hairline, and email a picture to Dr. Ende.

General anesthesia is unnecessary for most patients undergoing a hairline lowering procedure, which decreases complications from this procedure.
An irregular trichophytic incision just behind the first 2 rows of hair is the key to performing a natural hairline lowering procecure. This hairline incision allows for hairs to grow back through the scar to disguise it. The bulbs that remained under the hairline lowering scar, sprout a new hair relatively quickly in most patients.

The hairline lowering procedure takes about 1 hour and basically involves a reverse browlift. When lifting the scalp to advance it forward, this portion of the hairline lowering is surprisingly relatively bloodless due to the technqiue. A brow lift can easily be performed at the same time as a hairline lowering procedure.

The hairline lowering incision is closed in layers, leaving very fine sutures along the hairline to avoid a noticeable scar. Endotines are used to provide a long lasting result. The hairline lowering bandage is removed the day after the surgery, and no further bandages are usually required. In fact, the patient can leave the office the next day with a clean hat in place. There is almost never significant bruising or swelling. Hairline lowering sutures are usually removed in 5-7 days, and can be removed by a doctor in your home state or country.

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