Restore Your Regal Confidence by Restoring Your Edges

African American women who use sew-ins, harsh hair straightening techniques and other aggressive hair styling methods are prone to wearing away the edges of their locks, often leaving them feeling self-conscious and dissatisfied with their appearance. Dr. Kevin H. Ende is an expert in hair transplant surgeries, including edges hair transplant procedures. No longer do you have to settle for patchy edges and restoration techniques that simply don’t work. Revitalize your hair and your self-assurance with the help of an experienced professional who has been named one of America’s Top Surgeons.

The Root of the Problem

It’s undoubtedly true that there’s no hair quite like the luxuriant, kinky locks of African American women, but that glory can come at a cost. Some of the hair treatments used to style Afro textured hair result in harsh damage that strips hair follicles from the edges of the scalp. Specific causes of damaged hair in Black women include:

● Harmful chemicals
● Heat
● Neglect
● Tight braiding

While damaged hair can be repaired, successfully addressing tattered edges often proves a bit more challenging. That no longer has to be the case.

Tested and Proven Transplant Techniques

The way the hair transplant for edges works is thicker hair located at the back and sides of the head are transplanted to the edges where they take root and grow on their own. In most cases, patient see new hair growth at their edges in three to six months after they’ve healed from the procedure. What’s so fantastic about this method is it’s not a weave or extensions, but your very own hair grown from your head that you’ll be able to wash and style as you wish. A crowning achievement indeed.

You can rest easy knowing you won’t be getting hair plugs, which don’t always look as natural as they should. What’s even better is this transplant technique won’t damage your skin, leaving you with one less thing to be concerned with.

About Dr. Kevin Ende

What makes Dr. Ende so well qualified to bring back your edges is he received tutelage under the former president of the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery. Dr. Ende also has a professional medical background in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, which has proved quite useful in his quest to help his patients restore their hair, poise and courage.

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