New Crown Hair for a New You

Receding hairlines and bald spots represent the number one vanity issue among men—and even some women—when it comes to aging. So much so that a plethora of products have popped up over the years to deal with the condition. However, when it comes to effectively treating receding hair on the top of your head without wasting money on remedies that don’t work or going overboard on cosmetic surgery, consider a crown hair transplant. Through years of successful implementation, the procedure has proven to be an effective way to restore lustrous hair to your head that you once had. The result? A more youthful looking and confident you.
How a Crown Transplant Works

A crown transplant works by transplanting healthy hair follicles from one portion of your head or body to cover the receding crown area of your head. From start to finish, the procedure takes approximately 1 year to complete, although most patients begin to experience hair growth and see results several months after the procedure. The following are some advantages of this type of treatment:

• The procedure is minimally invasive and there are no serious side effects
• It is an affordable and effective treatment compared to creams and gels on the market
• The results are designed to mimic your natural hair and scalp as much as possible
• Hair re-growth on the crown area is lasting and long-term for years of enjoyment

Why Wait? Get Started Today!

If you want to begin the process of restoring hair to your crown area, give Hair Restoration of New York a call at 917-678-5606. Our doctor, Dr. Kevin Ende, a respected hair loss surgeon in the field, will give you a thorough evaluation and come up with an effective treatment plan that works. When it comes to a New York crown hair transplant that works, we are the hands-down choice. Even Dr. Ende has had his own crown transplanted! Make this the year you do something about your balding—call us today!

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