Women and men alike can benefit from hairline lowering. If you’re a New York City resident and still haven’t accepted the way your high forehead looks, you might be interested to know that New York hairline lowering options are out there. Do some research into various providers to find the one with the best reputation for excellence of treatment. Many plastic surgeons like Dr. Ende, specialize in surgical hair restoration treatments, and he will be able to help you understand your particular needs.

Hairline lowering is also known as forehead reduction, basically a reverse brow lift procedure; these are just two terms for the same treatment. Because hairline lowering does not need to be performed under general anesthesia, it’s a pretty easy procedure to recover from. Also, it’s not very invasive, as far as surgical procedures go. The treatment involves lifting the scalp to reduce the size of the forehead. The incision is hidden in your natural hairline, so there won’t be any visible scars once you are healed.

An experienced surgeon performing your New York hairline lowering procedure will be able to tailor the treatment to your individual needs. These medical specialists have seen all sorts of high foreheads, on both males and females, so they know that each one requires individualized treatment.

If your high forehead still doesn’t seem to fit your face, you’ve got an option for a new look! To schedule a risk-free virtual consultation with Dr. Ende, call the office toll-free at (888) 571-8521 OR fill out the online contact form after hours.