Many women consider hairline lowering in New York if they are unhappy with the appearance of a receding hairline. Here are some tips to know if a hairline lowering procedure is right for you.

Check out photos on the internet. Before you choose a doctor or decide if a hairline lowering operation is the right procedure for you, research the results of other people’s surgeries. This will also help you determine the doctor you feel most comfortable working with because of their results.

What is the difference between a forehead reduction and a hairline lowering operation? There isn’t a difference. Different doctors call the operation different things and often the patient calls it something different based on their own perception of the problem.

How expensive is hairline lowering in New York? The cost varies widely and usually runs anywhere between $5000 to $15,000. You should always speak with your doctor about your special case and how much they charge before choosing them.

Will I have scars? Some people do have scars after a hairline lowering operation. However, the scar is usually hidden within the hairline.

What are the side effects or potential complications? Many patients who have hairline lowering will have numbness on the front of their scalp. They typically will regain feeling within 3-12 months. There also may be some itching during this time period. A select few people will also have other possible complications and those should always be discussed with your doctor before your operation.

Can I go back to work after having a hairline lowering procedure? Most patients are able to appear in public within a few days of their surgery. Many patients choose to wear bangs that they can comb over their front hairline to hide any stitches or scarring.

Is hairline lowering in New York only for women? This type of operation is usually reserved for women. However, some doctors will perform it on highly selected men without male pattern baldness or those who are seeking reconstructed hairlines.

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