Every year thousands of Americans have cosmetic surgical procedures to fix their balding and thinning hair, and many of those people travel to New York to have the surgery. A hair transplant in New York is often sought out by men and women because hair loss is a devastating occurrence that can have a negative influence on social interactions, appearance and self-esteem. Before going under the knife though, it is important to understand who is a good candidate for the operation.

The best way to determine who would make a good candidate for hair restoration surgery is by estimating what potential hair loss might continue in the near future. For many patients, hair that is transplanted will continue to grow at a normal pace of approximately 1 cm a month, but it won’t fall out. That’s because the hair is harvested in areas of the head that aren’t usually susceptible to balding. However, native hair, or hair that hasn’t been relocated, may continue to fall out.

It is oftentimes challenging to determine what the ultimate pattern of hair loss of a person under the age of 25 might be. The side effect of getting a full hair transplant in New York too early in life could result in an unnatural appearance. However, a good way to combat this is by getting a small transplant to obtain a thicker hairline, with the intention of going back later on in life to do a full restoration.

Other factors to consider before surgery include being in good health with no previous history of heavy scarring or blood clotting issues, and possessing a sufficient amount of donor hair. Issues may arise if you have extremely curly hair or follicles that are kinked, as this increases the possibility of accidently damaging the donor hair during surgery.

When considering whether or not a hair transplant in New York is right for you, keep in mind that for many, the results can help improve their lives in many ways. They report a higher self-esteem, a more youthful appearance and a better outlook for the future. Take the first step and schedule a hair transplant in New York with Dr. Ende. You can schedule a FREE virtual consultation by calling his office at (888) 571-8521 or filling out the convenient online contact form.