According to the American Hair Loss Association, two-thirds of American men experience noticeable hair loss to some degree by the age of 35, and by 50 that increases to 85%. Faced with these numbers, many men seek an answer to thinning hair and receding hairlines. Many answers are promised, but your best bet is a New York hair restoration expert like Dr. Kevin Ende.

Why the Alternatives Can Fail

Proposed treatments for combatting hair loss vary greatly – minoxidil-infused shampoo, medicine to counteract hormonal influences on follicles, nutritional supplements for hair, and more esoteric remedies beyond. However, even well-intentioned treatments can often fail to solve the problem. They might only treat surface-level problems instead of follicle damage, or they may cause adverse side effects like low testosterone. Ultimately, though, the issue is that most cases of hair loss are genetic in origin, something that medication and supplements cannot address. This is why many seek surgical hair restoration in New York.

How Dr. Ende Can Help

Dr. Kevin Ende is a New York hair restoration specialist with a strong professional background in modern hair transplant techniques. An extensive education, years of awards and his name on one of the definitive manuals in the field all are signs of success, but his methods are what matter. Starting with a free consultation, Dr. Ende works personally with patients to discuss the procedure and determine what will work best, with full transparency. The surgery itself is made to be stress-free as possible, with oral sedatives and local anesthesia applied and minimal incisions. After a period of operations and recovery phases, ranging from a week to months, many patients may enjoy a more permanent relief from hair loss woes.

If you’re considering New York hair restoration, Dr. Ende is the man for the job. Contact the office today to schedule your free consultation at the toll-free number: (888) 571-8521. You can also fill out the online contact form if it’s more convenient, and we will call you directly.