Among women, a high hairline can appear overly masculine or make one seem older than she actually is; in either case, it could be potentially embarrassing or disruptive to a carefully assembled appearance. Hair transplants are first in mind for combatting a receding hairline, but for a stable hairline, hairline lowering in New York for women is a sensible alternative. The initial procedure is performed in an hour and is fully healed within a week, offering an immediate solution.

Who is Hairline Lowering Right For?

A hairline about 6 cm above the brows is considered ideal for women, but as many as 20% of women have a high hairline by these standards. Many cases have a history of a stable high hairline for years, if not their entire lives, and New York hairline lowering for women is considered with this in mind. Transgender women benefit as well, as the adjustment can be performed along with facial feminization surgery.

Hairline Lowering Versus Hair Transplant

Also called scalp advancement or forehead reduction, hairline lowering in New York for women differs from hair transplant in both the technique used and the recovery period that follows. A portion of skin just below the hairline is surgically removed, then the scalp is extended downward and stitched back. A careful, precise incision and the use of biodegradable skin grafts can significantly reduce scarring and even allow a relatively bloodless operation that takes less time to heal compared to transplants. The entire process takes place within a single operation, as well, while transplants may have multiple stages.

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Before consulting with Dr. Ende on performing hairline lowering in New York for women, patients may want to assess their scalp’s flexibility and take measurements to mark the ideal hairline position to determine if the procedure will benefit them. When you’re ready to renew the look of your face, however, contact Dr. Ende and find out what hairline lowering can do for you. To schedule a free consultation call toll-free at (888) 571-8521 OR fill out the online contact form.