Hair loss can be a harsh blow to a man’s self-image and confidence, not only because of the impact on his appearance but also because managing it can feel impossible. Losing control over one’s looks can undermine your sense of control over other aspects of your life. You do not have to resign yourself to a receding hairline, though; many men suffering from hair loss seek out New York hair transplants from experts like Dr. Kevin Ende, and this could be the key to peace of mind for you as well.

Where Hair Loss Comes From

The average person loses about 100 hairs a day, though new hairs regrow at the same rate normally. Chronic stress can accelerate hair loss, and some medical conditions that damage the scalp or follicles may do so as well. However, male-pattern baldness (or female-pattern baldness in women) is a hereditary condition that is the most common source of hair loss. Unlike other underlying causes, this has no direct cure because it is a genetic disorder, but it can still be managed and treated by hair transplants in New York.

Managing Baldness with Hair Transplants

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) determined in its 2011 survey that 101,252 hair replacement procedures took place in the US that year. Many men suffering from male-pattern baldness find relief via New York hair transplants, moving healthy hair follicles from other areas of the head or body to where hair thinning is prominent. Replacing damaged hair follicles entirely allows natural regrowth to take place once again, with multiple stages of operation and recovery over the months-long treatment period.

Get Help Today

Dr. Ende’s expertise allows for New York hair transplants that are safe, natural-looking and highly effective. Personal consultation with patients allows for the procedure to recreate the prior hairline as accurately as possible, and the gradual process helps make it less obvious that a transplant has taken place. Call or contact Dr. Ende for a virtual consultation toll-free at (888) 571-8521. You can also fill out the online contact form after hours or for convenience.