Hair restoration practices have advanced to become a plastic surgery staple. People of all kinds use hair restoration to restore their appearances. Older men and women with thinning hair can use hair transplants to cover embarrassing bald spots. Men can restore a receding hairline and shave years off their age. Beard transplants allow men with sparse facial hair to grow the thick beards or styled facial hair that never grew in naturally. All this is thanks to the advanced technology pioneered by surgeons like Dr. Ende. The procedures are easier and less invasive than ever before, so give them a chance and give yourself the full head of hair you deserve.

New York Hair Restoration Procedures

For expert hair restoration in New York, schedule a consultation with Dr. Ende and find out what your options are for getting full, healthy hair. A wide range of options are available, treating every type of hair loss. Even eyelash and eyebrow transplants are available, which is a potential boon to those who have suffered from trichotillomania and have thinning hair in those areas as a result. New York hair restoration is able to serve a diverse range of people. African American women who have hair loss at their edges due to damage can consider a transplant from the side or back of the head, for a restoration that is guaranteed to match the color and texture of the rest of the hair. One new follicular transplant procedure uses individual hair follicles instead of using entire sections of the scalp. While follicles may become unusable, this process also eliminates visible scarring and gives an exceptionally natural look.

Enhance Your Appearance Today

Use one of these advanced techniques to restore your own hair, so you can look younger and increase your confidence. Cast aside misconceptions about the quality of technology used for the procedures and see the amazing results for yourself. Schedule a consultation with hair transplant expert Dr. Ende today to receive New York hair restoration. You can call the office at (888) 571-8521 OR fill out the convenient online form.