Balding is one of the effects of aging that can be hard to control. Many men and women try to curb the process using home remedies, none of which are backed by science. Other solutions include special shampoos and ointments. Most people never see results from these options, but they are afraid to opt for other interventions. They don’t consider hair transplants out of fear of surgery or because they are not aware of the serious advances in hair restoration that have been made in recent years. Learn about the simple process of getting a New York crown hair transplant with Dr. Ende.

What is the Crown Hair Transplant Procedure?

Learning about how transplants are done may reduce anxiety or indecision. A crown hair transplant, in the most simple terms, takes full, healthy hair from one area and transplants it to the bald spot on your head. The results last for years, and because the hair is your own, it is easy to get natural looking results that blend in with the rest of your hair. The procedure is done over the course of a year, but patients tend to see growth months into the process. Take the time to investigate a crown hair transplant in New York and the proven lasting regrowth before wasting money on topically-applied solutions that have no comparable effects. Eliminate bald spots long-term with a hair transplant and improve your appearance dramatically. Dr. Ende is a hair loss expert who can help you determine if a crown hair transplant is right for you.

Get a Crown Hair Transplant in New York

Investing this time and money in your appearance will make a difference in your life every day. A full head of hair makes a man look years younger, and inspires
Restore your hair, your confidence and your appearance with one procedure. Schedule a free consultation for a crown hair transplant in New York with Dr. Ende today at (888) 571-8521 or fill out the online contact form, and take control of your appearance.