As facial hair gains popularity, beard transplants are becoming a more desirable procedure. Full beards, thick moustaches and other styles are just not attainable for men with sparse facial hair. Dr. Ende believes that hair transplants should not be limited to the traditional procedures of the past, but instead adapt to improve people’s appearances however they desire. Live out your most stylish look by getting a beard transplant in New York, and gain full control over how you choose to style your facial hair.

Create a Fuller Beard

If you have ever wished for fuller facial hair without knowing it was a possibility, read on for an explanation on how this procedure is done. Hair grafts from other parts of the body, typically the scalp, are used to create fullness on the desired area of the face. Between 350 and 700 grafts are needed to increase density and they are angled to grow in the same direction as the rest of the hair, for maximum blending and a natural look. The follicles are permanent and will grow to match your other facial hair. Though your natural facial hair growth may not suit your desires, there is no reason you can’t get that look with the help of Dr. Ende through a New York beard transplant.

Beard Transplant Options

Cheeks, moustache, sideburns and chin area are some of the transplant options. Come in for a transplant consultation with an idea of the facial hair options you desire to get the most accurate information on how the procedure will go. Consider the proportions of your face and the most flattering styles for your features. Keep a flattering style in mind over fashion, because facial hair shapes and styles change with trends but your results will last much longer. Use a New York beard transplant from an expert surgeon to enhance the masculinity of your look. Call Dr. Ende for a free consultation for a beard transplant today at (888) 571-8521 OR you can fill out the contact form online.