After you reach the decision to do a hair restoration procedure, it’s important to consider what options are available and which is right for you. Hairline lowering gives fast results, and is popular among women who want to reverse the aging appearance that a high hairline might give them. Good scalp flexibility makes the process easier. Check your scalp flexibility by tugging on the scalp and seeing if there is easy movement near the hairline. Dr. Ende is an expert on hairline lowering, and has written an article on the benefits and high satisfaction rates of the procedure for women with high hairlines. Call Dr. Ende for hairline lowering in New York and get an expert’s opinion on if hairline lowering is right for you.

What Is Hairline Lowering?

Hairline lowering is a minimally invasive process that typically does not require general anesthesia. The procedure brings the scalp down, with the new hairline starting just a few rows of hair follicles in from the natural scalp. Bringing this edge down allows hair to cover the scar made by the incision. The process only lasts around an hour, and the technique used makes the procedure minimally bloody. Bandaging lasts only one day, and patients can return home the day after the procedure. Bruising or other indicators of surgery are rare, so the overall recovery time is very short. Consider hairline lowering in New York to fix a receded hairline.

Benefits of Hairline Lowering

Hairline lowering in New York with Dr. Ende offers the densest results in the shortest amount of time. To reach the same density with hair transplants, multiple transplants with a year of time between each would be needed. The procedure makes the rest of the face appear more balanced, leading to a more proportionate and attractive appearance overall. Facial thirds are complemented by a lowered hairline that is about 6 centimeters from the eyebrows. Dr. Ende is the best practitioner of New York hairline lowering and can deliver your desired results, so schedule your consultation today by calling (917) 678-5606 OR filling out the online contact form.