Whether it’s thicker eyelashes or a perfect beard, it may seem like everyone has better hair than you. While many people are born with naturally thick hair, others without the natural born gift are taking control of their appearance through advances in science and medicine. They’ve exchanged the creams, extensions and other temporary solutions for the more long-term solution of hair transplants.

Facial hair transplants are becoming more popular every day. Using hair from your scalp, it’s possible for you to get the look you want too. As you search for a practitioner licensed to perform New York facial hair transplants, consider Dr. Ende of Hair Restoration of New York. He can help you get the look you’ve been searching for and do away with the hassles that come with temporary solutions. Here are some of the specific ways Dr. Ende can help to restore your hair and confidence.

Beard-filling is one of the more popular procedure among those who have undergone New York facial hair transplants. Whether your lack of a beard is due to genetics, burns or previous hair removal, you can obtain the full beard that is such a popular style accessory among today’s men.

If you’re lacking eyelashes, whether through illness or genetics, or you want to make them appear fuller, hair transplantation is certainly a viable solution. When done correctly, the transplanted hair will grow like normal lashes.

Eyebrow transplants are another modern hair restoration procedure. If your eyebrows are scarred, thin or missing entirely, hair transplant surgery can provide you with a full set of eyebrows.

Hair restoration surgery doesn’t only help you grow hair, but it does help to reboot your confidence. If you’re not sure how it all works or are still searching for someone who specializes in New York facial hair transplants, Dr. Ende can certainly put your mind at ease with a thorough explanation of how the entire process works. Give the office a call today to schedule a consultation. Call us at (917) 678-5606 OR fill out the online contact form to hear directly from us!