Receding hairlines are not the only reason to consider hair restoration treatments. Hair transplants on the top of the head and hairline are the most common surgical hair treatments, but if you’re located here in New York, hair restoration can go well beyond the top of the head. Dr. Kevin Ende of Hair Restoration of New York offers a full array of hair transplant options.

Hair Transplants on the Scalp

Dr. Ende offers both options of traditional hair restoration in New York. One in which healthy hair follicles are excised from one part of the scalp and transplanted to another, as well as hairline lowering procedures, in which the scalp is stretched forward to move the hairline to its natural placement. In addition, he also offers something called an edge transplant, usually for women, in which healthy follicles are moved to fill in a hairline that has thinned around the edges due to damage from styling, chemicals, or tight braiding.

Hair Enhancements Without Transplant

Dr. Ende also offers Platelet Rich Plasma injections. These are not transplants but injections into the scalp. Created from your own blood, these injections contain a highly concentrated platelet serum as well as bioactive proteins that help stimulate follicles, and when given regularly, regenerate and maintain hair growth.

Hair Transplants on the Face

Treatments for a full and thick head of hair on the crown and hairline are most common, but these are just part of Dr. Ende’s hair services. Hair Restoration of New York also treats thinning facial hair. This includes beards, mustaches, sideburns, and even eyebrows and eye lashes. Like traditional hair transplants, healthy follicles are grafted from one area to another. Transplants in the eye area are done with precise attention to detail to ensure that each hair follicle is perfectly placed and aligned in the correct direction.

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