As you go about your day, it’s not uncommon to see men in their middle ages and elderly years with receding hairlines. While many men will experience this at some point in their lives, women contend with the issue as well. Thankfully, there are solutions to battling this problem. Increasingly more women are visiting the office of Dr. Kevin Ende and his qualified staff to inquire about solutions to solve hair loss. You can now check out hairline lowering in New York and experience the difference it can make for you.


Before you have this procedure, you should evaluate whether it makes sense to you. Ideally, women should have the same distance between the hairline and mid-brow as the mid-brow to the nose and the nose to the chin. Check your hairline and make sure any changes wouldn’t disrupt these measurements. You should also make sure you have a flexible scalp before considering New York hairline lowering.

The Procedure

If you elect to take part in this process, the doctor will make an incision behind the first two rows of your hair. Having a hairline lowering procedure in New York, the doctor will lift your scalp and move it forward. Normally, it will take about an hour to perform the hairline lowering procedure.


The doctor will close the incision and bandage it; the following day, the bandages are removed. You shouldn’t experience much bruising or swelling. Plus, hair should grow over the scar from the incision in a short period of time to help obscure the blemish. About a week after the process, a doctor can remove the sutures from the incision.

If you’ve been looking for a way to stop your receding hairline, you need to try hairline lowering in New York. Contact Dr. Ende today for a free consultation at (917) 678-5606 OR fill out the online contact form.