Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought about how you’d look with a fuller beard? Or, have you ever thought about covering some acne scars on your face? If so, there are ways to make this happen! With a New York beard transplant, Dr. Ende can help you fashion your facial hair in whatever manner you desire. Take your look to the next level and become closer to what you envision.

Beyond the Beard

Your beard might look fine, but would you like to enhance other areas? You are not limited to what you select for a beard transplant in New York. You can choose the goatee, sideburns, moustache and cheeks as well. All areas may be worked on and improved.

Starting the Process

It’s important to understand your options. Dr. Ende offers a free consultation to evaluate what you hope to accomplish and answer any questions you may have. Set a date if you are ready, and prepare to take the plunge.

Getting It Done

You are now on the path to a better you. In most cases, a hair restoration procedure is as easy as a dentist visit, but without the drill. A local anesthetic is given to numb the areas, and the follicles are moved to their new home. You are awake through the process and can even break for the restroom. When you are done, you can head home.


Many people are able to return to work the next day. After your surgery, you can expect the transplanted hair to drop away after a few weeks, leaving the new hair to grow in a few months. You have taken a proactive step to improving your facial hair!

Dr. Ende’s New York beard transplant procedure gives you the chance to reshape your face as you see fit. Call now to schedule a free consult, and make your best self a reality. Call the office at (917) 678-5606 OR fill out the convenient online contact form.