Thinning hair and baldness can be an embarrassment. Many people try the following solutions to achieve hair restoration in New York:

1. Medications are one option to help treat thinning hair. Finasteride and minoxidil are approved to promote hair growth by the US Food and Drug Administration. Available in formulations for both men and women, these topical treatments require continued use for viable hair growth. In a review of multiple studies, minoxidil was found to have positive effects in up to 53% of the patients. Finasteride is said to slow the progression of baldness and help regrow hair in approximately 66% of men. Both of these medicines have side effects, so please consult with your physician before embarking on any treatment plan.

2. Scalp reduction is another option for hair restoration. This procedure requires the removal of part of the skin and a gentle stretching of the remaining skin to cover the area. The elasticity of the skin allows this method to work, and it is effective for an irregular patch of baldness.

3. Laser hair restoration is a potential choice. This option stimulates blood flow to balding areas and helps hair follicles become more healthy. It may stop some hair loss while promoting growth.

4. Hair transplant surgery is a fourth type of treatment. Follicular unit hair transplants are the specialty of Dr. Ende for New York hair restoration. This procedure often results in a lifelong growth of hair. Using a local anesthetic, this treatment is similar to going to the dentist, often with less pain. In many cases, the patient can go back to work the next day and continue with all regular activities.

As one weighs the pros and cons of each option, the hair transplant stands out. It is often permanent and may give a full head of hair back to the client. Medications need to be administered to continue having an effect. A scalp reduction is a major surgery which requires the patient to be put asleep with anesthesia. And laser hair options often do not help regain full thickness.

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