As you look in the mirror, does the person staring back at you make you smile? If not, is it due to lack of fullness in your beard? Or, is there some other area of facial hair that is not up to your standards? If so, Dr. Ende’s New York facial hair transplant might be the solution.

Hair Where?

Hair restoration is not only for receding hairlines and bald spots. Modern surgery enables the sculpting of facial hair in these areas as well:
● Beard
● Moustache
● Goatee
● Sideburns
● Cheeks

Hair Why?

Beyond seeking fuller, more lustrous coverage on your face, there are other reasons you might seek a change in looks. The skilled hands of Dr. Ende can sculpt the shape of facial hair, changing the perception people have of you. Further, unsightly acne and scars can be hidden beneath the hair. Minor changes may make a significant positive impact in how you are viewed. And, most importantly, these changes will affect how you feel about yourself.

Hair How?

The hair graft procedure is done under a local anesthetic, similar to a visit to the dentist. Depending on the number of grafts, the time for the transplant may take from two to five hours. After a few weeks, the grafted hair will fall out, making way for the new growth to begin at around three to four months. In most cases, there is minimal pain, and you are on your way home the same day.

Hair When?

There is no time like the present when it comes to feeling good about yourself. Whether you are looking at filling out your beard, sculpting your sideburns or concealing some acne scars, Dr. Ende can help with a facial hair transplant in New York. Contact his office today for a free consult and give yourself a smile every time you look in the mirror! Call (917) 678-5606 OR fill out the online contact form here.