Hair loss is often associated with men, but it also occurs in women. People have various notions of beauty, and often one’s self-worth and confidence are tied to the perception of one’s looks. If hair loss strikes, Dr. Ende’s hair restoration in New York may be able to bring back that confidence and improve self-esteem. Here are some of the causes that can result in thinning hair in women:


Genetics play a large part in the main cause of hair loss. Female pattern baldness due to DNA received from parents and other family is there from birth. It is part of the genetic makeup and, thus, there is no cure.


Hormonal changes or imbalances can cause loss of hair. Pregnancy or menopause are two examples in this category. If the balance is restored, hair will often grow back.

Shock or Trauma

Telogen effluvium is a type of sudden hair loss that may be due to shock or trauma. Giving birth, anemia, surgery, hypothyroidism and crash diets might be some of the causes. In some cases, the symptom is only temporary, and hair will regrow.


Chemotherapy is one treatment which may lead to hair loss. The most recent New York City cancer data had 38,838 reported cases of cancer in one year. Once the treatment has been completed, hair usually grows back.

Immune System

The immune system may attack hair follicles leading to partial or complete hair loss on both the head and body. Alopecia areata is the term used when there is patchy hair loss. Alopecia totalis is the total loss of hair on the scalp, and alopecia universalis is the term used for total hair loss on the body.

Hair loss is a part of life for many people. Dr. Ende has been the physician of choice for many clients seeking hair restoration in New York. If facing this dilemma, contact the office for a free consultation. Call (917) 678-5605 or fill out the online contact form.