Chances are you’ve heard about hair transplants, but did you know that transplants are for so much more than your head? Dr. Kevin H. Ende provides a wide range of New York hair restoration services. Check out these hair restoration methods you may have never heard of.

Eyebrow Transplants

Full eyebrows are in. Even when they aren’t, sparse eyebrows can leave someone feeling less than confident. Dr. Ende’s eyebrow transplants are meant to replenish thin or missing hair on the eyebrows due to genetics, scarring or health issues. Transplanted eyebrow hairs will grow as they did on the scalp and must be trimmed periodically. Dr. Ende transplants each hair individually to ensure he gets the specific angle, curl and direction that makes the hair look most natural. Eyebrow transplants typically require between 100 and 300 hairs, depending on the patient.

Hairline Lowering

One type of New York hair restoration that is becoming more popular is hairline lowering for both men and women. For most people, the distance between the hairline and the eyebrows is the same distance as between the nose and the eyebrows or the nose and chin. People who don’t already have this natural symmetry typically want their hairline lowered to about six centimeters above the eyebrows. Dr. Ende’s procedure offers immediate results. The entire procedure only lasts about one hour, and sutures can be removed in about a week.

In addition to these two unique services, Dr. Ende provides a variety of other New York hair restoration services. In addition to traditional crown hair transplants, follicular unit extractions and transplants to hide scars, he is also an expert in beard transplants, eyelash transplants and several other services. Are you interested in learning how Dr. Ende can make you feel more confident in your appearance? Schedule an appointment today! Free consultations are available before you ever commit to a service. Simply call Dr. Ende’s office directly at (917) 678-5606 OR fill out the online contact form.