How do you feel about your receding hairline? Chances are you feel self-conscious and may even feel you are being passed up for promotions, dates or other opportunities. If you are considering a New York hair transplant, it helps to know the process so that you can make an informed decision.

How a Hair Transplant Works

The first step for a hair transplant is preparation. Dr. Kevin H. Ende removes hair follicles from the back or sides of the head and moves them to the balding areas. Next, he trims the hair in the donor area and then provides the area some local anesthesia. Once numbed, Dr. Ende removes the tissue from the donor area and stitches the area. Nearby hair gets combed over the sutures, which can be removed about 10 days later. Dr. Ende trims the donor tissue until it is in unit grafts and then prepares the balding area with local anesthesia. He makes tiny incisions where he places the follicular unit grafts, which are placed according to density. Immediately after the surgery, the tiny incisions with short hair will be visible, but look more like a rash.

What to Expect Afterward

For the first few weeks, the tiny hairs will shed. This is normal because they are not part of the actual graft. After six weeks. the hair will slowly begin to grow. It will look fine and be lightly colored. Itching may occur at this point. Between the fifth and sixth months, about 80 percent of the hair grows back in, but only about 60 percent of the visual aesthetic is complete. By the time you hit the one-year mark, you should see that your transplanted hair has a normal thickness and feel much more confident. However, remember that every person is different, so results may vary between patients.

If you are ready to learn more about Dr. Ende’s procedure for a New York hair transplant, contact his offices for a free consultation at (917) 678-5606. You can also reach the office by filling out the online contact form.