Beards are in. From ZZ Top-styled long beards to shorter beards most common among the city’s “hipsters,” beards have taken on a mind of their own. You’ve probably even noticed the different colors—and even glitters—used to make them look more interesting. If you want a fuller beard but can’t seem to grow one, Dr. Kevin H. Ende may be able to help you by giving you a beard transplant in New York.

How the Process Works

Dr. Ende uses a process known as hair grafts to complete your beard transplant in New York. For most patients, a hair graft involves the doctor removing up to 3000 grafts from the scalp hair, although the exact number of grafts depends on your face shape and how full you want your beard to be. The doctor then places the hair on your face and ensures it grows in the correct direction to create a natural look. Depending on how thick you want your beard to be, a second graft may be necessary. Once the doctor transplants the follicles, your beard will grow naturally, and you can cut and style it the way you would any other beard. Keep in mind that the area where the graft was removed may have light scarring, and you cannot have the hair re-transplanted to treat male pattern baldness in the future.

Where You Can Grow New Facial Hair

When you think of a beard transplant in New York, you likely think of just the chin or cheeks area. However, Dr. Ende can place your grafted hair along the sideburn area and where you would like to grow a moustache as well. This ensures you have a full beard that you can trim into a variety of styles based on what is most popular or practical at the time. With Dr. Ende’s help, you are less likely to worry about sparse facial hair due to issues such as previous laser hair removal, surgery, injuries, burns, hormone sensitivity or poor genetics.

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