Hair transplants can be an amazing way to restore a natural, full hairline through use of your own harvested hair follicles, transplanted to fill out areas of thinning and balding hair. But are you a good candidate for a hair transplant in New York? You may need to make an extensive self-assessment to determine your eligibility.

First, to be a candidate for a New York hair transplant, you must have a suitable amount of donor hair. The hair must come from other areas on your scalp, as transplants cannot be implanted from someone else’s hair follicles. If you are fully bald or suffering massive alopecia in which your hair is thinning uniformly throughout, you may not have any sections of donor hair thick enough to harvest transplant follicles from. Those with crown baldness or thinning are often ideal candidates because the rest of their hair coverage remains relatively dense.

For some, undergoing a hair transplant can even lead to increased hair loss. The surgery can cause scalp trauma, leading to what many surgeons refer to as “shock loss.” Shock loss involves the scalp shedding and follicles reacting in a way that causes further thinning and balding. This happens most frequently to patients who undergo repeated unnecessary procedures outside the gradual staged procedure taking place over the average course of a year.

Lastly, extensive scarring and skin trauma in the transplant area may prevent you from undergoing hair transplants, if the skin is too permanently damaged for the implanted follicles to “take.” The most likely candidates for transplants are those with early or advanced male pattern baldness, those with stabilized alopecia, and those who have lost their hair due to cosmetic procedures or trauma that does not prevent them from undergoing the surgery.

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