There are numerous New York hair restoration methods, and patients can choose whichever one they believe will help them the most. One option is follicular unit extraction, or FUE. FUE is a hair transplant process where a doctor harvests individual follicle units directly from the donor area on the patient’s body. Each follicle unit is taken one at a time.

What Are the Benefits of FUE?

One main benefit of FUE is that you can harvest from a relatively large follicle extraction area. Hair can be taken from the patient’s beard, abdomen and chest. This process results in a completely natural aesthetic. The transplanted hairs blend in seamlessly with the other hairs in the area, and it is a great option for patients who have scars from previous hair transplant operations.

While there is some healing time associated with FUE, it is much faster than other methods. This type of New York hair restoration does not require sutures or scalpels. Most patients recover in a little over a week. FUE will also not result in a linear scar. When compared to strip harvesting, this method does not lead to a scar. The treated area will look unaffected, which is great for people who like wearing their hair short.

How Does It Compare to Other Types of Transplants?

A similar hair transplant process is follicular unit transplantation. Whereas FUE only takes an individual follicle from the donor area, FUT takes an entire strip of follicles from an area. With FUT, that strip is then dissected so that the doctor can draw out each individual unit. Many patients end up getting both procedures done eventually for the most comprehensive results possible.

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