A facial hair transplant in New York is a procedure you might consider to restore hair to your mustache, sideburns, goatee or beard. This may help to essentially replace hair in the area that is missing or make thinning hair fuller and thicker. In some cases, this might be considered to cover scars.

Goals for the Procedure

Facial hair may be lost for many reasons, such as genetics, injury to the area or burns. In some cases, a person might want to add facial hair when transitioning from a female to a male. The goals for the procedure ultimately depends on the look a person is going for. You can sit down with Dr. Ende and discuss your goals to determine if they are possible.

Exploring the Procedure

A facial hair transplant in New York involves getting grafts from other areas of the body. The number of grafts you need varies based on how much facial hair you are hoping to restore. For example, to restore a single sideburn, you may need 200 to 300 grafts, but for up to 900 grafts to restore a full goatee.

Dr. Ende will evaluate your facial hair situation and discuss with you how many grafts might be needed. Once this is determined, the grafts are harvested from elsewhere on the body and carefully placed into your facial hair area. In many cases, the hair is harvested from areas of your scalp for this purpose.

Once the hair transplant is completed, the transplanted hair acts like the rest of the hair on your face. You can wash your face as normal, shave and perform your other hygiene techniques without issue.

If you are considering this procedure, it’s important to get the facts first to ensure that you are making an informed decision. Call Dr. Ende today to get more information about a New York facial hair transplant. Call (917) 678-5606 OR fill out the online contact form.