A beard transplant in New York might refer to two different types of hair restoration. One involves using beard hair to restore scalp hair and the other involves enhancing your actual beard.

Why Use Beard Hair for the Scalp

In many cases, when you are undergoing scalp hair restoration, the harvested hair comes from another area on your scalp. However, not everyone has enough natural hair for this to be possible since it often requires dozens of harvested hairs to fill in the thinning and balding areas. So, Dr. Ende might discuss other donor sites with you, such as hair from your beard area.

A beard transplant in New York might be beneficial for men with certain types of hair loss, such as male pattern hair loss. However, for other types of alopecia, it might not be ideal, so it is important to discuss your options.

Enhancing the Beard Area

If your goal is to enhance your beard area to create a beard that was not present before, this type of hair transplant might be ideal. In many cases, beard hair is harvested from elsewhere on the face and transplanted to the area that you are wanting to enhance. There are times when scalp hair might also be used for this process, depending on your desired goals.

Now that you have the basic information, it’s time to talk to a doctor to determine what your options are for this type of procedure. Find out how Dr. Ende may be able to help you with a beard transplant in New York by calling the office today at (917) 678-5606 OR fill out the online form and our staff will call you.