Too many men and women suffer from a very high forehead with its appearance of going bald or disproportion to the face. Women in particular may feel that a high forehead complicates their ability to achieve the look that they are hoping to create. It is less common for men to feel this discomfort, but it still occurs from time to time. There is hope for those suffering with this problem, however. Perhaps you have felt the desire for a change and, maybe you have never heard of New York hairline lowering. It might be a good time for some basic information, though. For thousands of people in New York, hairline lowering could be the answer to a frustrating or embarrassing situation.

Hairline lowering is a surgical process in which the distance between the hairline and the eyebrows is decreased. Surgery will be used to decrease the amount of area making up the forehead or to add hair below the existing hairline. There may be some cases where both procedures are completed to achieve the desired outcome.

In the past, surgery has been considered with some trepidation, but today’s technology and measures have made surgical procedures much easier. In many cases of New York hairline lowering, you may be ready to get up and go the next day. No more going back for seconds or thirds, the hairline process usually only requires one procedure. The visible remains of the surgery are usually barely noticeable as any scarring is generally camouflaged along the hairline.

If you believe that a hairline lowering process may be helpful to you, you may want to consider a couple of friendly tips. First of all, make sure that you find a doctor with whom you are comfortable. Investigate a few choices to find a doctor and staff who are able to show that they have high standards of quality and service. In some cases, before and after pictures can help to you judge the work of the surgeon, and to help you understand the steps of the New York hairline lowering procedure. Candidates for this procedure should not be actively losing hair. For further information, visit Dr. Ende in New York to find out more, and discover why he’s the leading Hairline Lowering surgeon of choice. Schedule a free consultation by calling (917) 678-5606 OR fill out the online form.