A recent study confirmed that up to 35 million men and 21 million women in the US are experiencing some form of hair loss. If you happen to be one of these individual and live in New York, there may be good news! Losing your hair is not necessarily set in stone; there are several options available to you in treating or delaying the onset of hair loss, and hair transplantation has proven one of the most effective methods in modern history. A little background, information and pointers on where to go are all you need to see why a hair transplant in New York could be the right choice for you.

Modern hair transplant methods began in Japan during the 1930s and were based on earlier skin graft techniques. Due to World War 2, this knowledge remained relatively isolated until the 1950s when Doctor Norman Orentreich first demonstrated using transplanted hair to treat male pattern baldness in the United States. By taking hair that was genetically resistant to balding from one area of the body (the ‘donor site’) and grafting it to a part that had suffered baldness (the ‘recipient site’) the effects of hair loss could be cosmetically treated. Hair transplants in New York continue to use this fundamental, deceptively simple procedure to help millions of men and women.

You might be wondering what your payment options are for a hair transplant. Most insurance plans are not going to cover cosmetic surgery, but you still have choices! Many private practitioners will work with you to establish a payment plan that works in installments, usually with a down payment. There are also independent companies that offer financing plans if you are unable to pay all at once. You should weigh both these choices carefully against what you have saved up and what you can afford to pay over time when it comes to paying for a hair transplant.

Many men and women who’ve successfully treated hair loss in this way report an improvement in self-image, confidence and overall well-being. Hair is considered an important attractive feature for many, especially women, and restoring the youthful look of your hair can lead to valuable gains in the social, professional and romantic arenas of life. There is no reason to be worried or fearful about a procedure with a long, well-tested history that continues to make impressive gains as technology improves. Book a session with Dr. Ende today and see what this amazing operation can do for you today! Call to schedule at (917) 678-5606 OR fill out the online form.