Many men and women suffer from an unusually high forehead and have undertaken a variety of tricks to camouflage their forehead. While others haven’t given much thought to their foreheads, if you have a high forehead and hairline, then you have probably given your situation a great deal of thought. Have you considered the option of a hairline lowering procedure? Sometimes called a forehead reduction, this procedure can give you a clear change – taking you from unsatisfied to pleased with your appearance very quickly. There are people who travel from out of the country to experience the benefits of hairline lowering in New York.

Finding out whether you are a good candidate for the hairline lowering procedure shouldn’t be too difficult. Some men and women have even posted pictures of their foreheads and hairlines on the Internet and asked for recommendations. However, you should probably meet personally with a few different board certified plastic surgeons in order to best determine whether you qualify and which of the procedures, or combination of procedures, would be best for your situation.

The most common procedures involve either creating a fine incision at the hair line and removing some skin in order to decrease the distance between your hairline and your eyebrows or adding hair follicles to bring the hairline lower. Sometimes the surgeons providing hairline lowering in New York will use a combination of these two techniques to achieve the client’s desired results. With nearly 75% of the procedures done by facial plastic surgeons being completed for cosmetic reasons, the skills and advancement of the surgeons are becoming more honed and efficient with every procedure. Additionally, the popularity of the procedures have drawn a great deal of funding to support further education and training for the skilled doctors who practice the procedures.

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