Many New Yorkers have full, thick facial hair without any type of medical intervention. At least, that’s how it might seem. In reality, you would probably be surprised at how popular New York beard transplants are.

Depending on your lifestyle and social circles, there are times that you can find yourself the only clean-shaven guy in the room. If you’ve tried to grow a beard and just don’t have the coverage or thickness that other men seem to have naturally, you’re not alone. There’s nothing wrong with your skin: it’s simply that some men have different facial hair patterns based on genetics. Furthermore, many people believe that there’s no recourse when it comes to patchy scruff: a popular myth that keeps many individuals from enjoying a fashionable and attractive facial coif. Dr. Ende is an expert in transplant methods, and he’s ready to help you dispel any misinformation you might have on the subject.

The most important thing to know about New York beard transplants is that they’re simple procedures. The word ‘transplant’ is hardly even appropriate, except in a technical sense. Dr. Ende is an accomplished surgeon, but the surgery is minimally invasive. The beard transplant only affects two areas: the donor scalp area and the newly thickened beard, and affected areas tend to heal quickly.

If you’ve said to yourself that you’ll wait a few more years for your beard to grow in, it might be time to stop waiting. Dr. Ende has performed many New York beard transplants that achieve noticeable results after just one or two procedures. With a short period of time, you could have results that might otherwise require ten, fifteen or even thirty years of waiting for a beard to thicken.

It also stands to bear in mind that some individuals’ facial hair will simply never grow in evenly on its own. That means there’s no time like the present to take action. Schedule an appointment to have Dr. Ende perform one of his New York beard transplants on you with care, precision and discretion, just as he’s done for many of your peers. Call (917) 678-5606 schedule your FREE consultation OR simply fill out the online form.