There’s actually a medical treatment for a high forehead. If you’re a woman with an excessively high forehead, you’ve probably found it rather aggravating. You might be fed up with the way certain hairstyles look great on your friends but don’t work for you, such as high ponytails. Or you might wish that you could brush your hair back for a full look without emphasizing the distance between your eyebrows and your hairline.

Although there have been periods in history when high foreheads were in vogue, today’s hair trends don’t favor them. Fortunately, females with high foreheads can benefit from a surgical procedure known as hairline lowering. This minimally invasive treatment results in a hairline that looks just as natural as it did before, or more so – since it will no longer be so abnormally high. If you’re looking for hairline lowering in New York, Dr. Ende is the surgeon for you.

Dr. Ende specializes in hairline lowering and is a master of the procedure. He performs hairline lowering treatments nearly every week, and allows himself enough time per patient to make sure he is creating the most natural-looking hairline possible. The recovery should proceed with minimal discomfort, and depending on the steps taken in your procedure, you will see results very quickly.

If you’ve decided to undergo surgery for hairline lowering in New York, you should contact Dr. Ende at (917) 678-5606 or fill out the online form, to find if you are a good candidate. If your high forehead bothers you nearly every time you glance in the mirror, consider giving yourself a new look by getting this easily tolerable procedure.