In 2016 there were over one million hair transplant patients worldwide, many of whom lived in New York. Of those patients about one fourth participated in hair transplant surgery. These numbers are a dramatic increase from previous years, which seems to imply that hair transplants have become a popular option for those who experience hair loss.

Surgical hair transplant is a procedure where hair is removed from one area of the body known as the donor area and transplanted to an area where the hair has thinned or is missing. The best candidates for hair transplant surgery are those who have healthy growing hair in the donor area. The texture, color and even the waviness of the hair can affect the results.

There are several kinds of procedures for the replacement of hair. They can vary based on the amount of the area that needs to be covered. In some cases more than one kind of procedure might be used to obtain the best results.

One common kind of hair transplant in New York is where individual follicles are extracted and transplanted. There are also punch grafts, mico-grafts and strip grafts.

In a strip graft procedure a strip or portion of the scalp including the skin and hair is removed and transplanted to a balding area. Approximately ten days after the surgery the stitches or sutures can be removed. Transplanting an entire strip of skin and hair can result is some scarring and loss of feeling in the area, but the results can have a more natural and fuller look.

For those looking of a more dramatic restoration there are procedures available such as scalp reduction and tissue expansion.
Hair transplant in New York is available to those who suffer from hair loss and are looking to regain a more youthful appearance. Contact Dr. Ende today to assess the amount of your hair loss and the kinds of procedures that will work best for you. Call the office at (917) 678-5606 or fill out the online form.