Hairline lowering surgery is an effective way to decrease the space that exists between the hairline and eyebrows. It is also called forehead reduction or hairline correction. This procedure can make the forehead look smaller. People who have high foreheads may be more self-conscious about their appearance and candidates for this procedure. The majority of people who undergo this procedure are female. Here are some of the benefits of hairline lowering.

One of the main benefits of hairline lowering surgery is that it can have substantial impact on the overall balance of a person’s face. It can contribute to a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. This procedure can also help to give a person more self-confidence who feels self-conscious about their face. Another benefit is that the patient can see the results immediately after surgery. The scar from the surgery can be well-hidden by hair.

The hairline lowering surgery does not take a lot of time. A one hour procedure can typically move the hairline 2-3 centimeters. A more extensive procedure using a tissue expander can advance the hairline up to 5.5 centimeters. A doctor who is skilled in hairline lowering surgery can evaluate a patient’s hairline patterns, and hair direction and flow to make a determination on the best way to proceed.

Many people who receive this procedure did not even know it was available until researching options on the internet. Hairline lowering is much more efficient than hairline transplant. To achieve the same result with hairline transplant, a patient would need 3000 hair grafts, or 7000 hairs, implanted during 2 sessions that would occur 1 year apart. With hairline lowering surgery a patient will see immediate results and not have to wait a prolonged period of time to enjoy the outcome.

More and more people are discovering hairline lowering surgery as a way to lessen the area between the forehead and the eyebrows. Call Dr. Ende at (917) 678-5606 for more information on New York hairline lowering and schedule a free consultation today. You can also fill out the online form for convenience.