If you’re thinking of undergoing hairline lowering in New York, you’ve probably already done some preliminary research. However, there are a few things that many people miss out on when looking into this subject, as well as a few common misconceptions. Here are a few key facts to know and take into account before you have a hairline lowering procedure done.

First, there are a few misconceptions about how hairline lowering works. Hairline lowering is the same thing as forehead reduction surgery. Many people think that hairline lowering is more affordable and less drastic, but in reality, they are the same thing. The actual cost and the amount of time that go into the procedure are determined by the amount of lowering desired as well as factors like scalp flexibility. Many people also fail to realize that hairline lowering can be a one- or two-stage procedure; if the scalp is flexible and much lowering isn’t needed, it will be a one-stage procedure.

Many people also don’t realize that shock hair loss can sometimes occur after the lowering procedure. In this case, the lowest hair along the frontal line may fall out, but this is temporary; patients can expect the lowered hair to grow back within three months. Patients expecting drastic and guaranteed great results may be a little disappointed, but they won’t have to wait long for their hair to grow back in fully. Patients may also experience some scalp numbness for a longer period of time, but this effect should wear off after half a year. Advantageously, infections in procedures that involve the scalp are very rare, so this is one thing that patients don’t need to stress about before having hairline lowering in New York.

Technically, any cosmetic surgeon can perform hairline lowering. Many people believe that if a surgeon lists this service, he or she must have some kind of specialty or certification in it. Since this isn’t the case, patients need to be especially careful to do their research on clinics offering hairline lowering in New York. Patients should look for before and after photos as well as reviews from past clients. Finally, it pays to know if you are considering having other treatments done, and if your surgeon has experience in those as well. For instance, people who are considering having a complementing surgery such as a brow lift can benefit from having both procedures done at the same time.

These are just a few useful things to know about hairline lowering in New York. If you are looking to have the procedure done, it’s important that you are thorough in doing your research beforehand so that you can understand what you’re getting into and be sure of finding a top surgeon such as Dr. Kevin Ende. Contact us today at (917) 678-5606 or fill out the online form!