Last year saw more than 14 million cosmetic surgeries performed in the United States. Many of them were performed in New York where its high standard of living, abundant doctors and high population all make it a veritable Mecca for plastic surgeons. Forehead reduction, or hairline lowering, accounts for a portion of these surgeries. The onset of a receding hairline can be a troubling sign for men and women alike, but with the help of modern techniques and scientific advances you are no longer a victim of your biological clock. Hairline lowering in New York is both available and sought by people from all walks of life. This article will try to answer a few basic questions you might have about the procedure.

Many people are confused as to just what hairline restoration entails, having been raised to believe that there is very little we can do about our hair once it decides to go. This is not necessarily true, thanks to several revolutions in the areas of facial reconstructive surgery. A viable candidate can have their hairline restored by lifting the scalp and moving it forward in a process known as a scalp advance. This is just one of a few techniques at the disposal of hairline lowering.

The benefits of the surgery are numerous. Many people identify strongly with their hair and a dramatic change or loss of it can contribute directly or indirectly to a sort of identity crisis. Forehead reduction allows a person to re-capture who they are and regain their old confidence. Men often identify full hair with personal success and achievement; there are even some studies to support it. Consider how many CEOs and politicians often have good hair! For women hair is often a significant if not central element to beauty, and the amount of feminine hair care products alone speak to this fact. Hairline lowering in is hardly exclusive to one gender or the other in this respect.

When looking for a surgeon it’s important to find someone you should trust. Always do research and see if you can find recommendations from reputable sources, a good place to start might be with your primary care provider. Anyone who offers a free consultation won’t hurt you for looking, at least. When meeting with your potential surgeon be sure they pay attention to your specific history and needs. A good surgeon will be able to understand your story and work with you to assuage any concerns you might have about hairline lowering.

For many of us our hair is a constant companion throughout our lives, reflecting many of our own personal phases through its ongoing evolution and development. There’s no reason to lose it if you don’t have to. Call Dr. Ende today at (917) 678-5606 to find out he can help you with hairline lowering in New York. You can also fill out the online form and one of our helpful associates will contact you directly.