If you have been experiencing significant hair loss over time, you are not alone. In 2016, there were more than 200,000 hair restoration patients in the United States, both male and female. Some of the youngest patients were still in their early twenties. If you are considering treatment for hair loss, pursuing hair restoration in New York can involve working with some of the best professionals the market has to offer.

Hair restoration in New York can typically be broken down into two categories: surgical and nonsurgical. The surgical approach essentially involves the process of a hair transplant. Through the use of grafts, hair is taken from one location and moved to the balding area. If the follicles are effectively planted, hair will then begin to grow in a natural-looking way. Some of the most common patients for surgical hair restoration are those that have been diagnosed with Androgenic Alopecia, though almost anyone with significant hair loss can choose this treatment. It is important to seek a doctor with a license or certification to perform the transplant.

Nonsurgical hair restoration utilizes a prosthesis created to imitate the appearance of a person’s hair. Many people assume that a hair prosthesis is the same as a wig, but this is not the case. Wigs can be sold by stylists that are not certified, and they can feel scratchy and unnatural. They can also slide because of an imperfect fit, which is an undesirable effect. The prosthetics are custom-made to fit the exact shape of a cranium, and their hairlines blend well with the skin beneath. People choose the nonsurgical option for many reasons, but common candidates are those with sensitive skin or those that are experiencing hair loss because of side effects to medication.

Whether you would prefer a surgical or nonsurgical approach to treating hair loss, seeking hair restoration in New York will unquestionably provide you with trained professional support and expert advice on how to best move forward. To find out more, and to schedule a consultation, contact Dr. Ende today at (917) 678-5606. For convenience, you can also fill out the online form.