If you are looking for a New York hairline lowering procedure, there are many options in the state. While many people think of hairline operations as mostly for men, there are a lot of women who need hairline help as well. Dr. Kevin Ende is a specialist in this procedure, and offers free consultations.

Female hairline lowering means that a doctor will bring down a high female hairline to a more feminine position and shape on the head. Basically, if you are a woman with a receding hairline, New York hairline lowering will bring it down on the forehead through surgical lowering or by a hair transplant. A hairline transplant with leave no visible scarring and has a much shorter recovery time.

Hairlines for women can become less feminine because of hair loss due to aging, or the woman may have been just born with a high hairline. It can also become changed after a car accident, trauma or cosmetic surgery.

It is incredibly important to go to a good doctor for your hairline lowering. Whether you pick getting a transplant or an actual surgery, you want to make sure to go to a reputable doctor like Dr. Ende. First of all, you should do plenty of research about the type of procedure you want before making any decisions. You should find out if any of your friends and family have gotten this type of surgery to see if they can make a recommendation. If not, you should feel comfortable searching online and then asking to visit the doctor’s office. They should be able to show you before and after pictures from other patients. You can even ask to speak to one of their past patients to make sure that person had a good experience. You should also double check to make sure that the doctor you choose is board certified and has the proper licenses. Dr. Ende has these resources and credentials available, to help ensure that you feel comfortable with the decision you have made.

There are many factors to consider when looking for New York hairline lowering. Make sure you understand the results you want before deciding to go through with the surgery. Contact Dr. Ende today for more information and a free consultation at (917) 678-5606 or fill out the online form.