While many people do not even notice the height of a hairline, those who have an unusually high hairline sometimes feel self conscious or embarrassed. The height of the forehead can affect the visual symmetry of the face, as the “ideal” hairline measures about two to two and a half inches for women. Women with a very high forehead may find that procedures such as hairline lowering in New York could be the solution that they are looking for.

Forehead reduction surgery can be a good option for those women who have a high forehead measuring around 6.5 cm from the eyebrow to the hairline. In this operation some of the skin of the forehead is removed along the hairline and the scalp is advanced forward. An incision along the frontal hairline is required and is similar in some ways to a brow lift. The looseness that the scalp has naturally, along with how much can be surgically created affects the success of the procedure. It is the looseness of the scalp that enables it to be pulled forward.

For most female patients who choose hairline lowering in New York, about 15 to 20 mm can be gained. If the amount of scalp advancement that is needed is 20 mm or more, or the scalp is extremely tight, then a scalp tissue expansion needs to be done first. In this technique, a balloon tissue expander is placed under the front of the scalp, about three inches in. Over a period of 8 to 10 weeks, the balloon is inflated gradually with saline. As it inflates, it stretches the scalp and allows for more hairline advancement. The surgery for lowering the hairline can be performed when this stage is complete.

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