The discovery that you are suffering from hair loss often comes as a gradual process, but the final realization will still come as a shock for many people. Both men and women can suffer from serious hair loss and from the consequences of the loss. In fact, almost half of men will suffer from hair loss before their 40s, and after their 60s over half will have lost their hair. Many of these individuals reside in New York. Sometimes people experience a decline in confidence and may feel the effects of this in their personal and professional lives. Fortunately, modern techniques in hair restoration have brought some relief to those who are suffering from the effects of hair loss.

It is typical for people to create first impressions based in large part on the hair of the other person. Judgments about age, grooming habits, and even ability can be heavily influenced by the appearance of hair. One of the most important benefits of hair restoration in New York is probably the improved appearance achieved after the restoration has been completed. Fuller, healthy hair can leave a person looking younger and appearing more energetic and healthier.

Another important benefit of hair restoration is the improved self-esteem of the person who seeks out this procedure. Gaining a new youthful appearance can prompt an increase in self-esteem which may also translate into better job opportunities and an all-around better outlook on life. The growth of new hair can bolster confidence in new and unfamiliar social situations.

Many hair restoration recipients have found that they were able to return to their ordinary daily schedules within just a day or two after having a procedure done. Within just a few short months, the experience of hair loss can become part of history.

Some of the techniques for hair restoration in New York have been around for several decades. Most of the hair restoration techniques have proved to be successful and safe. Today, with modern methods and new technology, hair restoration can be even more successful. In some cases, the resulting hair replacements will be able to grow throughout the person’s life. Hair loss is no longer something that must be accepted gracefully. Instead, hair loss can be tackled head-on. Contact Dr. Ende today at (917) 678-5606 to schedule a free consultation, or fill out the online form.