There were nearly 14 million different cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S. in 2015 – including those to help fix high or receding hairlines. If you count yourself among those with this problem, you’re not alone. This is a common problem in the U.S. for both men and women, with 35 million men and 21 million women experiencing hair loss in America.

With more than 8 million people in New York City alone, there are definitely many people suffering from this problem in one of America’s most populous states. However, there are solutions to high hairlines, and there are plenty of options in New York, as well. One of the most common procedures to treat those with a high hairline is hairline lowering surgery.

This procedure is done to help make the space between your hairline and eyebrows smaller. It is performed on both men and women. Typically this procedure is done quickly, and does not require a patient to be admitted to a care or recovery facility. The purpose of this procedure to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing look for the patient, without having to spend a huge amount of time recovering, or a large sum of money to have it done.

When considering hairline lowering in New York, first you need to find the right cosmetic surgeon. After meeting with your doctor of choice, he or she can help you determine if a hairline lowering procedure is right for you. Your doctor will go over all the different types of procedures available and the details of each. He or she can also help you decide exactly which type of procedure is best for you, and what results you can expect to see in the end.

One of the main benefits of hairline lowering in New York is that it typically takes just a few hours to perform and the recovery time is about a week. The results are permanent and you can start seeing them as soon as the procedure is complete. For more information and to see if you’re a candidate, contact Dr. Ende at (917) 678-5606 or fill out our online form.