Hairline lowering surgery is a cosmetic procedure that has become more popular in recent years. It is also called forehead reduction surgery. The end result is a decrease in the amount of space between the hairline and the eyebrows. Here is more information on hairline lowering in New York.

More women than men undergo hairline lowering procedures. People interested in the surgery may have bigger, more prominent foreheads. They may feel more self-conscious about their appearance and be limited in the types of hairstyles they can wear. A larger forehead may be the result of genetics or hair loss. Hairline lowering surgery can help correct this issue. The doctors who perform the procedure are trained to understand hair patterns and flow. They can help give a face a more proportional, balanced look when they perform hairline lowering in New York. A skilled surgeon should also be able to minimize the appearance of any scars.

Unlike a number of surgical procedures, hairline lowering surgery yields immediate results. It can be very satisfying to achieve the look you have always wanted for your face right after the surgery is completed. Hair transplant surgery requires a much longer period of time to achieve similar results. During a one hour hairline lowering surgery a surgeon may advance a person’s hairline 2-3 centimeters. To realize the same results through transplant surgery, it would typically require 2 appointments that would need to take place several months apart.

There are 2 categories of individuals who are good candidates for the procedure. The first one is females who have a high hairline, or large forehead, and plenty of hair. The other group is males with an ample forehead, or high hairline, who have an abundant amount of hair and no family history of premature hair loss.

Hairline lowering in New York can help reduce the size of a prominent forehead. It may give the people who undergo the surgery an added level of confidence. The procedure produces immediate results. Contact Dr. Ende today for a free consultation by calling (917) 678-5606.