The most common form of hair loss is due to androgenic alopecia or more commonly referred to as male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness will generally affect up to 70% of men, and contrary to the name will affect up to 30% of women. Men will generally lose hair from the front of the head as their hairline recedes. Women will generally experience loss from the top of the head, referred to as a bald spot. There are ways to combat this phenomenon, thanks to New York hair restoration. Hair transplants are a medical procedure in which hair from the “donor area” is removed and placed onto the “recipient area.” The donor area is typically around the back or sides of the head as these areas typically experience permanent hair growth throughout the course of the patient’s life.

There are two different procedures used to achieve New York hair restoration. The first and older technique is called Strip Harvesting. This is when a strip of hair is removed from the donor area and then placed into the recipient area and sutured in place. Recovery time is generally around 2 weeks for this type of procedure.

The second procedure is called FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction. This is when individual follicles or a small group of follicles are removed from the donor area and then placed onto the recipient area. Recovery time for this type of New York hair restoration is generally around 1 week. Not everyone is a good candidate for FUE however. Consult your physician for options.

There are a few side effects that one can acquire as a result of these surgeries, but they are usually temporary. There can be a temporary period of hair thinning after New York hair restoration. There can also be swelling of the scalp. Consult your doctor if these occur, though as was mentioned before, these side effects are generally temporary.

There are many reasons why someone would want to get a hair restoration procedure. Hair loss does affect many people so there is no need to be ashamed. Hair loss can be genetic or the result of an accident. Self-esteem, cosmetic reasons, recovering from an accident or a burn are all good motives for seeking hair restoration. The technology is constantly being refined and improved. Contact Dr. Ende today at (917) 678-5606 to find out more, and for a free consultation.