A receding hairline is something that many men dread. This slow retreat does more than simply diminish the hair, it also makes the forehead appear bigger. This skews facial proportion and can inspire considerable self consciousness. Looking into hairline lowering procedures can bring up results that involve surgery, long recovery times, and pain. However, the solution can be as simple as a hair transplant. Available for both men and women, this technique can reverse hair loss and transform your appearance. With some searching, hairline lowering in New York is in reach.

The method that involves a scalp expander can take multiple procedures and only allows an inch or less of hairline lowering. Meanwhile, the simpler method can be done quickly and with just an oral anesthetic. Making hair transplants to the hairline does not involve an incision, making it less painful, with a quicker healing time and diminished risk of scarring. This technique also allows the surgeon to better arrange the transplants, following the natural growth of your hair and evening out the final hairline. Along with interweaving the transplants in front of and behind your hairline, this helps increase the natural look, making it nearly impossible to notice.

In less than a week, your new and improved look will be ready to present to the world, well on its way to full restoration. Fight back against your shrinking hairline and growing forehead with this quick and easy procedure. Hairline lowering in New York is in reach, and offers a range of experienced surgeons. Just this one small decision can have quite the effect. Contact Dr. Ende today to find out how to get started.