The height of the forehead plays a large part in attractiveness and facial proportion. A forehead that is extremely high can be due to hair loss, genetics, or from prior surgery such as a brow lift. A high hairline or unusually high forehead can cause self consciousness and necessitate hairstyles that camouflage the condition. Hairline lowering in New York can be the surgical answer to the problem of a high forehead.

This procedure is known as hairline lowering or forehead reduction surgery. The frontal hairline is surgically advanced depending on several variables that include the existing hairline height, the laxity of the scalp and what the patient prefers. Usually, the operation can bring the hairline down about one inch. The incisions are hidden within the hairline and the resulting improvement in appearance is immediate.

Hairline lowering involves the procedure of removing a strip of skin on the forehead in front of the hairline. The resulting incision is slightly behind the hairline. Since the hair eventually grows back within the scar, it is not generally noticeable. In order to feel comfortable with this procedure, it is important to choose a doctor whose work you have researched and respect. There are over 14 million cosmetic surgeries now performed in the US within a year. Some of these surgeries are done in New York, which has a large number of excellent physicians.

Hairline lowering surgery is suited for both men and women who have always had a high forehead and are not currently losing hair. For women with thick hair and without a family history of female hair loss, a forehead reduction operation can be completed in one stage. For those with thinning hair, the addition of some hair grafting would give good results and help shape the hairline. For men whose hair is thinning or falling, a hair transplant method would be the most effective.

One of the main benefits of the surgery for hairline lowering is the restoring of self confidence for both men and women, due to the improved symmetry of the face and more options for hairstyles. Contact hairline lowering specialist Dr. Kevin Ende online today to find out more and receive a complimentary consultation, or reach out at (917) 678-5606.