Although not apparent at first glance, the most common area to begin losing hair is on the crown of the head. This used to be an inevitable and irreversible part of aging, but with new developments in transplant technology, many are choosing this simple medical procedure to regrow a full head of natural hair. A decade ago, implanted hair follicles could only be sparsely positioned on the head, creating an obviously synthetic hair pattern with more similarity to a doll than a human head. With new advances, opting for a crown hair transplant in New York from Dr. Ende will help you achieve a natural growth pattern, with no discernible difference between those with genetically thick coverage and those who have received a little extra help.

The Boom in Transplant Popularity

Although nearly two thirds of men begin their battle with hair loss before the age of 35, thick hair remains associated with masculinity, vitality and youth. Between 2004 and 2010, there was a 66 percent increase in the number of hair transplant procedures nationwide, with a particular increase in procedures occurring in New York state. Many who receive a crown hair transplant in New York have already spent thousands on special shampoos or pills without any apparent success. Even the few FDA approved drugs that are available will only slow, not reverse, hair loss and come with a host of serious side effects such as erectile dysfunction and weight gain. Hardly a welcome turn for anyone looking to improve their appearance with a thicker head of hair.

Act Early to Prevent Any Signs of Baldness

Simply bypassing the most ineffective hair restoration methods on the market and investing in a single day outpatient crown hair transplant at the first sign of thinning can save an incredible amount of wasted money and time. A New York crown hair transplant resumes completely normal hair growth patterns within three to six months, meaning no one will ever know you were going bald in the first place. Working with a highly qualified surgeon like Dr. Ende can take decades off your appearance in a single afternoon, and help you maintain your confidence with a strong, healthy head of hair.

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