Achieving a full, thick beard, or even an even smattering of manly stubble used to be a matter of winning the genetic lottery. With the newest in hair transplant medical technology, you can customize your look for the facial hair you have always wanted.

Hair transplants remain the most popular form of cosmetic surgery for men, and the popularity of beard transplant procedures in particular have grown six fold just within the past five years. Top surgeons who specialize in beard transplants in New York have gone from performing three to five beard transplants a year to the same number on a weekly basis. Goatee and mustache areas are the most popular transplant areas, many also choosing to have beards and sideburns implanted. Procedures can go as far as transplanting a full beard to scaling back to even out patchy or irregular growth patterns. Hair can even be transplanted successfully over scar tissue where even the hardiest naturally occurring hair follicles may fail.

What Happens During Beard Transplants in New York?

The hair follicles are harvested from the back of the patients own head, which is where the hair grows the thickest and best matches the natural hair of the chin. This process is relatively painless, and performed under local as well as oral anesthesia. Depending on the number of follicles transplanted, the outpatient procedure will take between two and five hours, after which you will be able to walk out the door and continue your normal daily activities. A small crust will form around each transplanted follicle within the first five days, however this is a normal, expected part of the healing process. Within a week there will be no discernible evidence of the New York beard transplant procedure at all.

After two weeks of receiving treatment, the transplanted hairs will fall out, but will resume a normal growth pattern within three to six months. After this, a beard transplant can be shaved and styled just like a natural beard. Working with a high quality surgeon for beard transplants in New York is a quick, pain-free way to permanently revitalize your look.

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