Hair styling innovations and techniques popular within the African American community have been on the cutting edge of hair fashion for decades, particularly among women. Unfortunately, many popular procedures such as sew-ins, tight braiding and harsh chemicals can over time lead to a damaging of the edge of the hairline. If you have actively participated in some of these procedures, you might be a perfect candidate for New York Edges Hair transplant. Nearly 60 percent of African American women in New York have reported excessive hair loss, which can add decades onto their appearance. Many of these women have been able to utilize an easy hair transplant for edges medical procedure to reintroduce healthy hair follicles back into the front of their scalp, allowing them to resume normal hair growth.

If you have noticed your hair receding, or have frequently participated in the above-mentioned hair styles, you might be a perfect candidate for a New York Edges Hair transplant. This is where Dr. Ende and his personable staff can help.

How Is the Procedure Completed?

A hair transplant is a quick outpatient procedure that can be completed in an afternoon. After oral and local anesthetics are administered, a surgeon will use a process known as follicular unit extraction, or FUE, to remove follicles from the back of the hairline, where natural hair is the thickest, and re-install them along the edges. Because the donor hair follicles are your own, they blend in naturally with your untreated hair line. After the procedure is complete, you are free to leave, with most post-operative patients who receive a hair transplant for edges resuming work and daily activities the next day. While new hair will fall out within two weeks of the procedure, it will resume a normal growth pattern within three to six months. Unlike a weave, this is your own natural hair, which will grow normally and can be styled and treated just like the rest of your hair.

Taking Back Your Hair

Don’t allow a receding hairline to knock down your confidence. While men have been utilizing this technique to fight male pattern baldness for decades, a growing number of African American women are taking advantage of the most recent medical advances, revitalizing their look with a hair transplant for edges. With the utilization of the newest research backed hair restoration procedures, you can regain natural, normal hair growth, taking decades off your appearance.

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